Compositing Supervisor

Giant are seeking a Compositing Supervisor for an iconic animation series.

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

As such, we are committed to Equality of Opportunity for existing and potential employees. All persons regardless of Gender, Civil status, Family status, Race, Religious beliefs, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Age, or Membership of the Travelling Community will be provided with equality of access to employment and also encouraged and assisted to achieve their full potential. We will continue to foster a genuine culture of Equality.

Position Overview

This is a full-time position. Ideally, artists will be based in Ireland. However, the role is open to international applicants, but applicants must be able to work remotely within a +-2 hour time difference from the Irish timezone to allow for daily interaction with the creative and production teams.

Starting date: ASAP

Position Responsibilities

  • Work closely with the Art Director(s), CG Supervisor(s) and Lighting, Comp, and FX Leads or Supe to help develop the Lighting, FX, and Compositing style of a show.
  • Oversee, maintain and push the style and quality of the FX and Compositing department throughout show production.
  • Help plan, build and maintain Lighting, FX, and Compositing workflows and templates throughout show production, aiming for the most efficient and effective methods to achieve to show’s style and quality level.
  • Work with core leadership team to Review Scripts & Animatic(s) to help effectively plan episodes and flag / brainstorm potential difficulties.
  • Work closely with asset departments as required, to give informed, constructive feedback on Lighting, FX and Compositing specific requirements.
  • Support and guide the Lighting, FX and Compositing Team(s), assigning tasks based on the overall production schedule and in consideration of varying skill levels within your team.
  • Scrutinise every shot coming through your department and work with your team to make revisions as needed before sending it to the Director(s) or Client.
  • Participate in Client reviews and take the lead on the internal daily reviews with the Lighting, FX, and Compositing Team(s).
  • Complete and Delegate any necessary adjustments to the work that the Art Director or Client requests following key reviews.
  • Ensure ongoing communication with Production about the team’s progress toward the schedule, making sure your team meets all internal and external deadlines.
  • Commitment to assist Production as needed in organising vacations, sick days, etc., and to manage episodes by taking on shots and dealing with creative retakes directly. 
  • Be proactive in mentoring and developing all members of the Lighting, FX, and Compositing teams on a project, supporting a collaborative and creative environment.
  • Help resolve issues or complaints within your team constructively and efficiently, and escalate difficulties as needed.
  • Assess prospective Lighting, FX, and Compositing hires and work with Production Management on hiring decisions.
  • Develop & head induction tests for all new Lighting, FX, and Compositing starts.
  • Constantly re-evaluate the Lighting, FX and Compositing pipeline and work with pipeline team to look for more efficient and effective procedures, practices & methodologies.
  • Help conduct project evaluations and post-mortem reports at the wrap of each project.

Position Requirements

  • Minimum 6 years experience working in CG/Animation productions.
  • 3+ years experience as a Lighting and/or Compositing Supervisor managing teams of artists.
  • In-depth knowledge of CG Lighting and Compositing techniques and principles and FX would be a plus.
  • Excellent communication, leadership, time and team management skills – the ability to represent and spearhead Lighting, FX, and Compositing as a department.
  • Extensive Experience with Maya, After Effects, Adobe Animate and Adobe Suite in general.
  • Must have a high level of experience with Nuke.
  • Must have a high level of Knowledge with Redshift Render engine.
  • Strong experience with ShotGrid.
  • Solid knowledge or experience with a render manager like Deadline.

How To Apply

If you would like to be considered for the Compositing Supervisor position, please apply through our Workable platform by clicking the link below:

We will endeavour to respond to all applicants, but due to the high volume of applications we receive a reply might not always be possible.

Thank you for your interest in Giant Animation!

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