Lead Layout Artists

Here at Giant, we are looking for experienced Lead Layout Artists to work on our next great series for the world to enjoy.


We would love to hear from you – Send an email to careers@giant.ie

Position Overview

This is a fixed-term one-year contract. Ideally, you will be based in Ireland but this role is open to all artists who can work within a 4-hour time difference of the Irish timezone to allow for daily interaction and collaboration with the creative and production teams.

As a Lead Layout Artist here at Giant, you will be responsible for managing the layout team on our exciting new production, ensuring the team’s output meets the desired quality and budget targets set by the studio. In addition, you will be required to complete individual layout tasks, helping to set the benchmark for the layout quality, style, and quota for the production.

The Lead Layout Artist should actively work with and guide the layout team on their project, ensuring Layout Artists are educated through all stages of production, passing on knowledge and methodology on best practices and techniques, and making sure the team is supported both artistically and technically throughout their time on the project.

Start Date: January 2023

Position Responsibilities

  • Working in collaboration with the CG Supervisors, Art director, Layout/Animation Supervisor(s), and Layout department to establish and preserve the visual aesthetic and cinematography of the production
  • Translation of Storyboards and Animatics into 3D Layout, including the creation of Proxies, Staging, Blocking, and Camera work
  • Assist Production, Art Director, and Supervisors in steering and conducting project departmental reviews
  • Creating the workflow for the Layout department and teaching the rest of the fantastic team about approaches and best practices. This includes making sure all processes and outputs meet the highest standards
  • Knowing exactly what a sequence’s creative criteria are and motivating the Layout team to meet them
  • Recognizing any inefficiencies and collaborating with the appropriate departments and managers to address the problems
  • Whenever required, give the Layout department specific, granular input
  • Coordinating closely with Production to ensure that all goals are being met and to spot any problems that could delay the schedule
  • Adjustment of Cameras at the animation stage where required
  • Ensuring consistent quality, style, and continuity, both visually and technically throughout the project
  • Support a collaborative and creative environment that produces awesome Giant projects with great teams

Position Requirements

  • Demonstrated experience in Animation Production as either a Lead or a Co-Lead
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to confidently Lead a team
  • Excellent communication, time and team management skills
  • Strong knowledge of Cinematography, Cameras, and Lensing
  • Proficient in Maya
  • Strong technical and problem-solving skills
  • Adept grasp of drawing and visual communication skills
  • Solid understanding of Production and Technical resources

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